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Social Security Disability FAQ

1) How do I apply?
Answer: Applying is easy. This can be done on-line or in person. Call us, we will give you instructions.
2) How do I pay an attorney?
Answer: Your attorney is only paid if successful in obtaining the benefit. The judge assigned to your claim will award your attorney a fee from the past due benefit owed to you. If you retain an attorney and a benefit is not payable, you are not responsible for an attorney fee.
3) Am I eligible for Social Security Disability benefits?
Answer: In order to be eligible for a benefit, you must have worked, paid taxes for a period of time and have a medical condition that disables you. Call us and we will answer your questions.
4) What medical conditions qualify for disability benefits?
Answer: The medical conditions that qualify for Social Security Disability benefits are many. There are both physical problems and mental problems which can be disabling. The origin for these problems can be accident related, work injury related or neither.