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Personal Injury FAQ

1) I have been injured in a car accident. Why do I need an attorney?
Answer: If you are injured in a car accident, you should retain an attorney. An attorney will be able to adjust your claim and seek compensation from the insurance company for the other car in your accident.
2) If I retain an attorney, how is the attorney paid?
Answer: The attorney is paid on a contingency basis. If the attorney can recover against the other driver involved in the accident, the insurance company will pay the claim and the attorney is generally entitled to a fee of one third.
3) Who pays for my medical bills and lost wages?
Answer: Here in New York, the insurance company of the car you were in at the time of the accident, regardless of how the accident happened, will pay your medical bills and lost wages. This is called no-fault insurance. The information is found on your insurance card.
4) How do I file for my medical bills and lost wages to be covered?
Answer: You file a no-fault application by contacting your insurance company after your accident happens. The insurance company will send you the application. Important: the no-fault application must be filed within 30 days. If not, your benefits can be denied.
5) If I start a lawsuit against the person responsible for the accident, do I have to go to court?
Answer: If you retain our office and we start a lawsuit on your behalf against the people who caused the accident. In our experience very few cases go to trial. However, some cases do go to trial and we are prepared for that procedure.